The past five years I have been working in the nonprofit world as the Director of Digital Marketing for Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). I was drawn to working for OIA by my desire to give back, protecting the outdoor places where I love to play and by inspiring youth to find a love for the outdoors. I started at OIA as a Communications and Digital Coordinator, writing press communications, social posts, and web content. Over time, I advanced to a Digital Marketing manager and now, Director.

Before OIA, I gained digital strategy experience working for multiple companies in the ski and ecommerce industries. After earning my master’s degree in digital media, I worked in the soccer industry as a Digital Media and Public Relations manager where I developed PR, communications, and digital marketing strategies and also produced all content. I also have video production experience from working in the athletics digital department at University of Denver, and advertising agency experience from working at Crystal Clear Concepts.

During these years working in digital marketing and communications, I have gained strong experience in many skills. Here are a few highlights of what I’ve been up to:

  • Leveraging data mixed with creativity to develop strategic plans for how to communicate to particular audiences
  • Working with and leading vendors and teams to produce content and projects to deadline
  • Leveraging marketing technology to effectively and efficiently communicate to audiences and press through websites, social media, and email
  • Developing comprehensive marketing and communications campaigns and producing supporting assets to drive an audience to action
  • Digital branding: crafting and defining a relevant voice, tone, and message when writing and producing communications and media
  • So much social media: Crafting messages, producing media, ghostwriting for brand personas, managing influencer teams, developing brand representatives, reacting and engaging, developing user conversion pathways from social media, lead generation

Download my full resumé here.