Jenn Brunson

Digital Marketer | Creative | Adventurer

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Maintaining positivity and clarity during chaos should be the title of Jenn’s resumé. Jenn’s broad skill set allows her to problem solve on the fly- define the glitch and tackle it with the most direct and efficient approach. Jenn was fun to watch with the Washington Freedom as she was technically sound when integrating cutting edge social media efforts with a grassroots web presence to ignite the consumer call to action and ultimately drive the bottom line. … Continue reading

Beth Harless

Jenn and I worked together on OIA’s website redesign- she the client, and I the project manager. Man does she own it! Jenn was responsible for OIA’s entire digital presence, which meant wrangling cross-functional teams, managing multiple platforms and properties, driving vision, dictating functional and business requirements, and generally managing up, down, and what seemed like sideways at times.  … Continue reading

Kate Turcotte

In my position I have worked and overseen many individuals, although few have stood out in my memory more than Jenn. She brought an energy to her work that was fun, exciting and contagious to those around her, all the while keeping the work at hand done in a professional and timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Jenn to almost any job, she will not disappoint.

Joseph Moreno