Kate Turcotte

Jenn and I worked together on OIA’s website redesign- she the client, and I the project manager. Man does she own it! Jenn was responsible for OIA’s entire digital presence, which meant wrangling cross-functional teams, managing multiple platforms and properties, driving vision, dictating functional and business requirements, and generally managing up, down, and what seemed like sideways at times.  She had her finger on the pulse of OIA and kept their vision and near and long-term goals close to heart, ensuring every decision was a strategic one. Add to this, she is quite literally a go-getter. She is constantly seeking the latest and greatest trends in the tech and social spaces. If there is an open question on the table, she takes it upon herself to get the answer. She is a great leader- getting in the trenches with her teams, supporting them where needed and building everyone up to achieve the goals before them. The last thing I’ll say is I love working with her – killer sense of humor, great work ethic, and just a generally positive being. Three thumbs, way up.

Currently: Owner, Backpockt
Title when working together: Account Manager, Vermilion Design + Interactive